About Me

Hi. I’m Debi.

I’m a baker, knitter, quilter and a stepmom. Here are a few more things you should know:

  • I love food. Especially cake and sushi.
  • I love dogs. Honestly I love all animals (except bugs, snakes and spiders). But dogs are awesome.
  • I love California. I was born and raised here. I moved to Washington but moved back after a year because I missed the sunshine.
  • I love traveling. My favorite places I’ve visited so far have been Tahiti, Japan and Italy.

About the Blog

I have designed web sites since 1997 and originally started a personal web site as a way to keep up with design, a place to play with new code and experiment between projects. My blog has followed me from my teenage years through my 20’s (jobs, relationships, buying my first house) and has been used as a photography portfolio, recipe box and venting spot.

Now, as I am entering well into my 30’s, the blog is a focus on my current life: the adventures and challenges of being married and having a stepdaughter; focusing more on specific hobbies instead of running around like some Renaissance Woman; working on furthering my career and not just doing a job.

Lucas & Molly

Lucas & I have been together since 2012 and got married in 2016. He has a daughter named Molly who lives with us half the time.

Molly loves Disneyland, making crafts and swimming.

In January 2015, I was asked to write a guest post for You, Baby and I.

I had this picture in my head of what my future family would be; me, my husband and our child. A child that I carried inside me for nine months. A child that had his father’s eyes and my nose. A child that probably had a longer second toe, just like I do, and hints of red in his hair.

When I met Lucas, I knew he had a daughter. At first I didn’t think about tit; I wasn’t planning out or considering that we would get serious. But as our relationship developed, I had to start considering the pros and cons of dating someone with a child. I had to start evaluating my list, weighing the options and thinking what do I want from my life?

Read the full post here.

Dame Maggie Smith

Maggie was born on New Year’s Even 2015 and is a pure-bred Great Dane.

She has an Instagram account and would love you to follow her.